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Construction and Operation of Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe Railway Chongqing Central Terminal of Railway Container in Tuanjie village, runs through Eurasia and arrives in Duisburg of Germany. The railway is 10.937 kilometers in length and passes by 6 countries, namely, from Chongqing to Lanzhou, to border port of Xinjiang-Alataw Pass, to Kazakhstan, to Russia, to Belarus, to Poland and ends in Germany. The railway adopts “five-fixed mode”, namely, fixed time, fixed routing, fixed country, fixed station and fixed price to successfully pass the countries along the route and to realize one-time customs clearance, one-time inspection, pass throughout the journey, monitor of the train operation along the entire route.


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More Favorable Policy from Chongqing Office of CBRC

July 14,2017

On July 4th, Chongqing Office of CBRC (China Banking Regulatory Commission) issued The Detailed Implementation Rules of Simplifying the Access Modes of the Relevant Institutions

The Number of Enterprises Settled in CLC Exceeds One Thousand

July 08,2017

The year 2017 has marked the commencement of Free Trade Zone construction in Chongqing Western Logistics Park

Awarding Ceremony Held in Chongqing Logistics Park on the 96th Anniversary of Chinese Communist Party

July 02,2017

On June 29, the grand awarding ceremony was held in Chongqing Western Logistics Park on the 96th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party

The Second Trial Running of “Chongqing-Guangxi-Singapore” Express

June 30,2017

After the first successful round-trip trial running of “Chongqing-Guangxi-Singapore” Express on May 12, the second trial running was launched on June 23