22 Aug
Chongqing Transfar Intelligent Highway Port

In July 2013, Transfar Logistics Group signed the agreement to settle its Chongqing Transfar Intelligent Highway Port in  Chongqing Western Logistics Park.

With a total land area of 136.2 mu (90,805 square meters), this project has a planned investment of CNY 600 million. The designed floor area is 90,000 square meters mainly for Logistics Cloud Data Hub, Data Operation Center, City Distribution Center, E-commerce Logistics Storage, Logistics Equipment Exhibition & Sales Center and Logistics Talent Training Base.

After completion of the project, it will become the first highway port under Intelligent 3.0 Model combining the ground service platform, big data strategies on logistics and regional industrial extension. It is estimated that the annual output value will reach CNY 1,500 million and annual tax payment will reach CNY 70 million with 2,000 job vacancies.

    The Land Use Certificate was obtained in September 2014. By August 2015, design of project planning was completed, and investment in fixed assets totaled CNY 105 million. By November 2015, CNY 770 million had been invested in fixed assets. Now it is handling the procedures for plan review.