08 Jul
The Number of Enterprises Settled in CLC Exceeds One Thousand

    The year 2017 has marked the commencement of Free Trade Zone construction in Chongqing Western Logistics Park. Renovation of land-borne trade rules and reforms on administrative system attracted more enterprises to come to Chongqing Western Logistics Park, the window of Chongqing to the world.

In the first half the year, 265 enterprises have settled in the Park, with an increase of 271% over the same period of last year. The amount of registered capital totaled RMB 6.4 billion.

There are more domestic enterprises than foreign ones to settle in the Park, which shows that domestic enterprises are longing for the exploration of the overseas market. In terms of industry, there are 95 companies engaging in trade, 63 in logistics, 34 in supportive services, and 15 in international trade. The format of the top four industries indicates that the development of Chongqing Western Logistics Park has extended to more diversified industries.

It is worth mentioning that the settlement of the 34 enterprises engaging in supportive services and another 3 finance companies will optimize the business environment of the Park.

With the newly-settled 77 enterprises last month, the total number of settled enterprises since the establishment of Chongqing Logistics Park has reached 1034, including over 600 business and trade enterprises, 180 logistics companies and more than 90 import and export enterprises. Chongqing Western Logistics Park has grown into an attractive place for companies in logistics industry in Chongqing and surrounding provinces.