03 Aug
Round-table Conference on Economic Issues Held in Chongqing


On July 28, Round-table Conference on Economic Issues convened in Chongqing. The conference is co-sponsored by Chongqing Productivity Development Centre, Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, Chongqing Economic Research Institute, (Chongqing) Pilot FTZ Office and Logistics Coordination Office of Chongqing Municipal Government.

On the theme of “The Construction of International Logistic System in China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone”, the conference aims at further opening-up of inland Chongqing and other cities on the basis of President Xi’s speech on Development of West China, the Belt and Road Initiative and the development of Economic Belt of Yangtze River.

The conference put forward the construction of international multi-modal logistic system and focused on issues related to the development structure of international multi-modal logistic system, land trade rules of China railway express, combined transport of river and ocean, Shanghai-Chongqing trade express, combined transport of railway and ocean as well as cross-border land transport.

At the conference, Mr. Gu Yonghong, General Manager of Chongqing Western Logistics Park introduced the status quo and practice of multi-modal transport of the Park.