06 Aug
Normalized Post Service via “Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe” International Railway


At 18:00 p.m., July 20th, an express of post containers, full of 502 post parcels, set off from the Central Station of Chongqing Western Logistics Park on its first journey to 13 countries, including Belgium, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and U. K..

It is reported that eight expresses of “Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe” international railway have totally been run in the first half of this year. It is of great significance for China Post since China Post has broken its 10-year common railway practice. The new practice will lay a solid foundation for the normalization of its post service in China, even the whole Euro-Asian continent.

Since July 20th, the international railway will carry the post container, with the volume of 68 cubic meters and weight of 25 tons, bound for 17 countries, including Spain, France, U. K., Netherlands, Italy, Czech, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, and Finland. All these post parcels will be collected in Chongqing Western Logistics Park and handled by China Post. The international railway will be responsible for the transit procedures. And Poland Post will be in charge of transit transport.

Chongqing Branch of China Post will establish a railway port centre of international post items in Chongqing Western Logistics Park. It is estimated that the centre will be put into operation in this September with per day handling capacity of 100,000 post items. The construction of a new centre of handling capacity of over 300,000 post items will be launched recently.