01 Sep
Seven×Twenty-four Customs Service Being Offered in Chongqing Logistics Park

In order to build an international logistics hub and opening window in Inland China, Chongqing Customs has been improving its service and efficiency in recent years. Until July 31, the customs clearance time is 8.57 hours, 7.53 hours less than the same period of last year. The time has been reduced by 46.7%.


According to Mr. Sun Wei, Deputy Commissioner of Chongqing Customs, 7×24 customs service has been offered at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport on the inbound and outbound flights and customers’ luggage, China Railway Express (Chongqing) at Chongqing Western Logistics Park as well as supervised ships of river-ocean combined transportation. In this June, this service offered by Chongqing Customs will cover cross-border e-commerce parcels. A fast track will be established at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport for fresh and live goods and the 7×24 customs service can be reserved.

Chongqing Customs is going to further improve the 7×24 customs service. The service will be offered at all ports in Chongqing, including those at airports, harbors, railways and roads. The service will also cover import and export goods, luggage of inbound and outbound tourists. The service will extend to all foreign trade industries, including IT products of specially supervised area, fresh and live goods borne by air, and cross-border e-commerce industry.


In addition, Chongqing Customs will also offer individualized service and enhance its cooperation with other port organizations and companies to further improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.

Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau also offers a hotline for the public. Office telephone numbers and name list of people on-duty will be publicized. Inspection and quarantine on import and export goods can be reserved in advance and performed all day round.

As for perishable and urgent goods, inspection and quarantine can be performed at the time when they arrive at the customs. More hands will be added for import and export peak seasons, such as New Year and Chinese Lunar New Year.