01 Sep
Application of the Smart Customs Lock on “Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe” Express

According to Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Chongqing Customs is going to replace traditional customs sealing with smart customs locks in cross-border railway transport test this September. The application of the new locks will promote the smooth development of “Partnership Project between Customs and Railway Operators on Propelling China Railway Express’ Safe Operation and Fast Clearance”.

The smart customs lock, a new type of high-tech lock, mainly used in locking railway containers, features such functions as radio communication, automatic identification of ID code, authentication and authorization of operation instructions, sealing and unsealing by clock lever. The smart customs lock stores information related to mail detail sheet, mail list and delivery bill, which will change the traditional way of customs checking and inspection. The time for locked containers’ waiting and clearance will be shortened.

The Partnership Project was initiated by China Customs during its meeting with 11 countries’ customs at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in this May. The idea of application of smart customs locks on China Railway Express was welcomed by the countries along the route. The use of the lock is based on the mutual recognition of inspection and exchange of information, which will greatly improve the efficiency of clearance and fast operation of the express.

With the support of General Administration of Customs, the technical upgrading of the lock and the arrangement of the goods have been completed. It has been planned that the lock will be first tested along the route of “Chongqing-Alataw Pass-Dostyk-Alma-Ata”. Before the end of this August, officers of the two countries’ customs and related staff of railway operators will discuss the issue and get the training about the operation of the lock. The trial running of the express with the smart lock will be around the middle of September. It is estimated that the use of the lock will be finally promoted for the whole line.