11 Jan
He yong research western logistics park construction to promote

Modern logistics park is located in the western region of chongqing chongqing city west wing group I, J partition, the expanded function area is located in the city, the mayor of 40 times in September 2007 municipal government office study agree, relying on the unity village railway container terminal and xinglong a super large railway marshalling yards inland port type comprehensive logistics park, is a new European chongqing originating station, the national development and reform commission approved the chongqing international railway transport channel set up "three base port area" of the railway logistics base and the first batch of key logistics park, planning area of about 35.28 square kilometers, planning a total investment of 111.7 billion yuan.

Park based on the construction of the inland of China railway international port, west China modern commercial logistics new town "goal, adhere to the" production city, city garden blended "development concept, in accordance with the" overall planning, step-